There, But For The Grace Of God Go All Of Us!
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Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart [by obeying His word, the Bible alone]; and lean not unto thine own understanding [or human religious or philosophical opinions]. In all thy ways acknowledge [or thank] him, and he shall direct thy paths [to Himself].” 

We Service All People Groups Regardless Of Faith!



Shepherd Of God Assisted Living Has Affiliated Itself With Licensed Holistic And Naturopathic Medical Professionals Whose Miraculous Care And Advice Has Successfully Restored Much Of The Health Of Their Patients!

They Use Proven Naturopathic Healing Option To Support Traditional Medicine At A Much Lower Cost



Minimize Your Need For Our Traditional Medical Care By Adding Our Naturopathic And Holistic Healing Options Along Side Of Traditional Medicine. These Include:

 Naturopathic Doctor Supervision, Special Healing Oil Blends, Revitalizing Fruit & Vegetable Juices, Specially Formulated Malnutrition Reversing Drinks, Healing Massages, Acupuncture And Herbal Treatments.


We Provide The Lowest Cost For Top Quality Care, whereby many improve so much that most of their families and medical professionals consider it nothing short of miraculous.  Several of our outside patient doctors have stated that they wish there could be a Shepherd Of God Assisted Living in every city.

The VA helps Pay For Qualified Vets & Spouses.


We Truly Revive A Passion For Living In Our Residents!

We Do Not Charge The Extra Service Fees Others Charge.

Our Diligent Care Is Given As If By A Loving Family Member.

License #: 475001552 

We truly understand that we are in the service business and that without giving genuine quality service, we would have no one to serve.

Join us daily for a free lunch and tour.

We are located approximately 10 miles south of Yreka, and approximately 45 miles south of the Oregon border, in the city of Grenada, a tranquil, country ranch setting. With beautiful Mount Shasta visible in the distance, we are at the Grenada exit off Highway 5, approximately one half hour south of Ashland, Oregon and one and a half hours north of Redding, California.

We are also listed on Senior Living Map"

424 Hwy. A-12, Grenada, CA 96038
P.O. Box 339, Grenada, CA. 96038
Tel: (530) 436-2514  Fax:  (530) 436-2379